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Copiosa, which means "abundance" in Latin, is an after school Spanish immersion program for elementary school-aged children (1st through 5th grade). It provides students with an exciting, enriching, and engaging environment that encourages them to learn the Spanish language and its culture. Our curriculum is built around themes that allow students the opportunity to learn in a more hands-on and exploratory manner. Instructors employ formal lessons, games, songs, and other proven methods to best facilitate the learning process. Classrooms are equipped with discovery stations that encourage further learning, practice, and interaction with classmates. At CLIP, we use a  contextualized learning approach which helps students apply what they learn in class to the real world the children live in. After all, the goal of learning Spanish is to use it!
Classes: Copiosa is a two hour drop off program.  Parents must walk up and sign in their students.  They also must walk up to sign them out.  Students will only be released to to people authorized to pick them up. 
Due to a flood in our facility we are closed until further notice. If you would like to be notified when registration is available please click the "Continue" button below to be directed to our contact page, then send us a message. This will add you to our mailing list, which we only use to notify parents of open registration opportunities.
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Please note that CLIP is

Students may bring a snack and drink to enjoy during class.  However, please keep in mind that CLIP is 
Any food items containing nuts will not be allowed to be opened nor consumed at CLIP.

Does this program sound great, but you are unsure if your child(ren) would like it?

We are happy to offer a free trial class

   Contact us to learn more!     

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