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What is language immersion?

Language immersion is the practice of using a second (or target) language as a tool to completely immerse students in different subject areas. This methodology differs from traditional language classes, in which the second language is the subject being studied and learned. Immersion also helps children to begin thinking in Spanish.

Why is it important to learn a second language?


Research shows that children who learn a second language:

  • have higher cognitive function than their monolingual peers,

  • have stronger critical thinking skills,

  • have better attention spans,

  • are better at multi-tasking,

  • are more empathetic & open-minded individuals, and 

  • (for when they become adults), have better job opportunities with increased pay.

How does CLIP teach using immersion?


At CLIP we feel strongly about helping your children learn Spanish through interactive, creative, and hands-on activities that engage in the learning process. We understand that children will be coming to us after a long day of structured classes and, often, they will be tired. So, to create a learning environment that will hold their interest and attention, we utilize three fundamental pillars.

Immersion Environment: in our programs, children will be surrounded with Spanish. They will be provided with the tools needed to help them interpret & experience the language.

Thematic Units: teachers will utilize different themes (think sports, animals, and holidays) to teach various aspects of the target language. Children will also explore through discovery stations that will support each theme being explored in class.

Contextualized Learning: this means that what the children learn is applicable & interesting to their lives. Contextualized learning complements thematic units in that it allows the children to learn Spanish through activities & play that are real to them.

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