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Language Immersion Enrichment
Copiosa, which means "abundance" in Latin, is an after school Spanish immersion program for elementary school-aged children (1st through 5th grade). It provides your child with an exciting, enriching, and engaging environment that encourages them to learn the Spanish language and its culture. Our curriculum is built around themes that allow students the opportunity to learn in a more hands-on and exploratory manner. Instructors employ formal lessons, games, songs, and other proven methods to best facilitate the learning process. Classrooms are equipped with discovery stations that encourage further learning, practice, and interaction with classmates. At CLIP, we use a contextualized learning approach which helps students apply what they learn in class to the real world the children live in. After all, the goal of learning Spanish is to use it!
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Kinder Amigos
Kinder Amigos, which simply means "Kinder friends" in Spanish, is a Spanish immersion enrichment program designed especially for kindergarten students. It provides your child with an exciting, enriching environment that encourages them to learn the Spanish language and its culture. The Kinder Amigos curriculum is built around pattern that allows students to know what to expect, but it is done with a variety of enjoyable activities to keep students engaged. The curriculum makes learning Spanish fun and effective though the use of engaging activities including music, crafts and games. The result is that students learn practical communication skills, maintain a high level of retention, and develop a growing interest in learning new languages. Kinder Amigos gives stufdents a strong base for Copiosa.
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Young Artist
Immersion Story Time
Los Amiguitos
Los Amiguitos, which means "little friends" in Spanish, is a Spanish immersion class for children from birth to five years old. It builds a fun and strong foundation, and exposes these young children to language-learning even before they begin their formal education. This program offers parents and their children the opportunity to experience together the target language and its culture through books, music, craft, and play. Los Amiguitos helps to instill in children the passion for and importance of learning a second language! 
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