Due to the continuing pandemic conditions, CLIP plans to offer classes in an online format until the end of March. We will be reevaluating this fluid situation as needed.

CLIP is a language comprehensive immersion program for children from birth through 5th grade. Instructors utilize both an innovative and engaging curriculum that will excite students about learning the target language and its culture.

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Need directions? Use this link to find our exact location! 

When you arrive, look for our sign towards the back of the South Parking Lot. Our entrance doors are located around the side of the building.

Our Staff


Maestra Pilar

Teachers / Maestras

In Spanish, "Maestra" (which is the feminine word for "teacher") is used as a title, just as Dr., Professor, Mrs., Mr., etc. is used in English. Our teachers are referred to as "Maestra Pilar" and "Maestra Carina" which translate to "Teacher Pilar" and "Teacher Carina"

Los Amiguitos

 Maestra Carina

Founding Partners

CLIP was founded in Pittsburgh, PA by three moms searching for a fun and engaging language program for their young children. Knowing the advantages that come with being bilingual, they wanted to give their children an opportunity to learn a second language, but they were disappointed with the lack of in-person options close to home. While many schools and daycares in the area offer some language programs, none of them offers the intensive daily practice a person needs to become bilingual.




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