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Camp Veranito 
Camp Veranito, which means Little Summer Camp continues our much loved "Copiosa" program.   Your children will continue (or begin) their Spanish journey throughout the summer while having a blast!  Camp Veranito is a Spanish language camp for incoming elementary school-aged children, going into grades 1st through 5th. It provides campers with an exciting, enriching, and engaging environment that encourages them to learn the language and its culture. They will naturally absorb Spanish because our days are built around themes that allow students the opportunity to learn in a more hands-on and exploratory manner. Instructors employ some formal lessons, but mostly games, songs, and other fun activities to best facilitate the learning process. CLIP is equipped with discovery stations that encourage further learning, practice, and interaction with classmates. Camp Veranito uses a contextualized learning approach which helps students apply what they learn in camp to the real world the children live in. After all, the goal of learning Spanish is to use it!
Camp Veranito Schedule

Camp will be held daily from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Please pack a NUT FREE lunch for your camper.

Each week is limited to 9 campers!

Week 1 Places:   July 12th - July 16th  $200

Week 2  Movies:   July 19th-July 23rd  $200

Week 3 Pets:  August 2nd - August 6th $200

Week 4 Sports:  August 9 - August 13 $200
Week 5 Food: August 16th-August 20th $200

All people ages 2 and up entering CLIP's facilities are asked to please wear a mask and will be temperature screened until further notice. 
We are very excited to share that CLIP is the
featured small business for the month of August.  In August, CLIP  will be hosting visits from the Pirates themselves!  Also, everyone who signs up for camp during August will get a FREE gift  from the PIRATES!!

                   ITTSBUGH         IRATES

Does this program sound great, but you are unsure if your child(ren) would like it?

We are happy to offer a free trial camp day

   Contact us to learn more!     

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